Tracking Sudeep in real time

EXPERIMENTAL: Try this link too. Try it only if you have at last 128 MB of RAM
Click on the red markers to get info about each landmark. The blue lines specify the complete path that I have traversed today
This site provides the real time position of my whereabouts. The vast majority of you are not bothered about that piece of information, but this page is only to showcase the technology involved. The positions shown are real-time though. However, you will have to refresh the page to get the latest info. I am yet to figure how to make use of this page. Any ideas are welcome.
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Latitude = Longitude = 0
Since 5:30: on
Total distance travelled today = 0 km
Current speed = km/hr
Course = degrees(Direction of last movement)

How it works
My bluetooth GPS(Haicom BT-405C) gets information about the co-ordinates to my symbian phone(Nokia 6630) which in turn sends this information to my website through GPRS, where the PERL scripts manage the data and create this page. The maps are fetched with the help of Google Maps API.

No humans were harmed or even used in the creation of this page